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Earth Bag Homes

I've been intrigued by the Earth Bag Home design recently. Being hurricane, flood, and termite proof, they offer a solution to a number of environmental issues we are living with here in New Orleans (and all problems I have dealt with in my own home). In fact, flooding will strengthen the foundation by hardening the sand and clay soil in the bags. With the global temperature rising and the increase of floods, fires, and sea level rise, they could be a viable and sustainable building alternative. They are earthquake and tornado proof and will outlive a traditionally build home. They are significantly cheaper to build, you can source the soil directly from your own land, and the dome shaped design means you don't need to have a shingled roof. Most of the materials used aren't mass produced and filled with chemicals, meaning it is good for the environment and good for our health. They are naturally well insulated, so they stay cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold. I also

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