New Featured Artist Jessica Bizer

I am so thrilled about Altar's latest collaboration with artist Jessica Bizer. We worked together to create a stunning new fabric pattern. After turning it into luscious garments, we got together to do a truly magical photo shoot with Jessica's mesmerizing projections. Here are a few samples from that shoot. These new items will be in my online shop soon. Don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to preorder anything.

More about Jessica:

Jessica Bizer is a multimedia artist whose work investigates the complex energy of the contemporary landscape.  Using a combination of painting, installation and video, her abstract environments are characterized by a sense of fluidity, absurdity and transformation.    

Bizer builds these settings around surprising interactions of color, form and disparate source material.  Her multi-layered compositions contain diverging and often contradictory narratives based on the collision of the virtual and actual, and the fantastical and utilitarian.  Ordered by the seamlessness of digital aesthetics, the resulting drama in Bizer's work communicates a feeling of playful disorientation and expansive possibility.  


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